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One thought on “Forum Rules

  1. Am I the only one that caught this. This is an excerpt from the article regarding a second Alaska ferry coming to Bellingham. This is the first mention I have heard from someone further up in the food chain making mention of a passenger ferry in addition to the Chief going to Fairhaven.

    “This arrangement could affect the Whatcom Chief if it has to move docks. The fate of the Lummi Island ferry has been in contention since the county’s lease with Lummi Nation expired Feb. 14. The governments have been negotiating since early this year over a new long-term lease for the ferry dock at Gooseberry Point. Relocating the Whatcom Chief to the Bellingham Cruise Terminal is one possibility if the governments don’t reach an agreement.
    If the county moved ferry service to the Cruise Terminal, a passenger-only ferry likely would operate in addition to the Whatcom Chief, Stahl said. The passenger-only ferry would use a different berth so it could access the terminal even if the Alaska ferry is docked, he said.”

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