Fairhaven or Bellingham instead of Gooseberry Docking for Lummi Island Ferry?

The idea that Whatcom County’s Lummi Island Ferry should have its mainland dock at Fairhaven or Bellingham, not Gooseberry Point, is raised every few years, most often by newcomers to the island or to ferry issues. Docking at Gooseberry Point is the option that County and most islanders have identified as the most feasible and cost effective choice. There are sound reasons for that choice, based on a factual analysis of multiple factors described in this report, which was researched and authored primarily by Charles (Chuck) Antholt, a Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) member. The report was approved and published in 2016 by LIFAC.

(Note: While LIFAC’s county website includes this document, it is a bit hard to find there so is also on the Whatcom Ferry Documents Archive, an islander initiated and maintained database that was started because the County often discards documents after seven years. The Archive prevents loss of important historical information about the Lummi Island ferry and related issues.)

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