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  1. Lummi Ferry Forum

    I would like to join this forum now that I have found it. It seems that it directly impacts
    my family and I as well as our friends.

    We noticed that there were meetings regarding the ferry but never considered attending one. Why would we? We did not choose to live in a place that required ferry access.

    A letter in December was when we found out that our home was targeted. We were stunned and extremely upset. We have lived here since 1979, raised a family here and were planning on living here as long as we are physically able.

    The more we considered it the more unlikely it seemed and we began to relax. There were too many reasons that it wouldn’t work.

    -Salmon run right past our place every fall, their numbers increase as they are compressed going around the point headed for the Nooksack. Young smolts need this shoreline as they head out to sea.

    -For the same reason, Lummi fishermen and women set nets here every fall and the tideland belongs to them.

    -The level of the beach rises and falls with each storm. How would dock builders deal with that?

    It seems logical to us that heading directly into or out of the wind is easier when docking the ferry at it’s current location than it would be at our house where it would be hit broadside from both northern and southern storms.

    – There is already a dock with many years left on it’s lease. The county owns property in Fairhaven that is suited for a ferry terminal. Surely that would make more sense.

    Then early March the eight families on Gooseberry Pt. received contracts from the county in the mail. They suggested that we could sign these contracts and receive a $5,000 downpayment. For this, Whatcom County would have first right to buy our property for the next five years, renewable to ten years. Like it would be possible to sell it to anyone else now even if we wanted to?? We were shocked. We discovered that there were many meetings as part of the process of which we were not informed. How had they been planning this all that time and not felt compelled to inform any of us? At least five of the eight home owners have no interest at all in selling our places, these are our homes and we love it here.

    All of you people, what were you thinking as you idled by our places watching us install solar collectors, put new siding on our houses and paint them over the last few years? Did it occur to any of you to let us in on your plans for us? We realize that we finance 45% of each of your journeys across Hales Pass. Now we are paying for your studies, a new ferry as well as a dock. You are asking us to toss in our homes? No thank you.

    What kind of skin do you have in this game? What are you giving up?

    -You continue to ride back and forth whenever you please, planning on the ferry coming back for you even if you are the last car to the dock.

    -You allow more and more homes to be built there although ferry space was already limited as well as your fresh water supply. Large homes as far as we can see from here.

    How about us helping you buy a nice big ferry and you can ride it to Fairhaven.

    Barbara and John Craig

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