Rash of new ‘safety’ road signs on Lummi Island

In the past few weeks, an astonishing number of new road signs have been installed on Lummi Island, with no warning and in some cases of dubious safety value. For example, one resident counted 32 signs on a one-mile stretch of Granger Way, which seems total overkill. Two days ago I wrote Public Works very calmly asking for some explanation of the plethora of new road signs on Lummi Island and requested some communication with islanders about this sudden rash of new signs.

Another new sign popped up yesterday, prompting me to email Public Works today, asking them to please stop adding new signs until they talk with islanders. Here’s what I wrote:

Yesterday this new sign taken by an island resident appeared opposite the Beach Store Cafe, on North Nugent Road. He was sitting at one of the cafe’s deck tables.mt-baker-sign-beach-store-lummi-island

Hmmm… does mean N. Nugent starts running one-way heading south & one-way north right at this point? To say it’s confusing is an understatement. The blind curve just past the cafe is dangerous, but this sign fails to warn about that hazard. It does not improve road safety in any way I can understand, and I drive this road daily. Update: Looking more closely, I see the 2 arrows are at a bit of an angle. I need to drive by, both ways, and take a look. Doesn’t resolve the blocking the view problem, though.

The sign also blocks the view of Mt Baker from the Beach Cafe. Blocking the viewshed with such a confusing sign is not good. Lummi Island residents and our many tourists value our views, and property owners pay property taxes that are based on the views the tax assessor says we have. Will Public Works ensure that we get tax rebates when PW chooses to wreck those views by unsightly (not to mention confusing) road ‘safety’ signs?

Could you please, please, please stop putting up new road signs until you have contacted islanders explained what the heck is going on and gotten our input on them? I imagine that the The Community Association or PLIC could help organize a meeting. Or the Church. Or the Civic Club. Or the Grange. Heck, I’d  even be willing to personally pay for time at the Grange for a public meeting to discuss this.

Wynne Lee
Lummi Island, WA