May-July Ferry 2018 Planning Events

Important upcoming events, from Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (posted April 27, 2018)
As the County’s consultants, KPFF Group, begin to finalize their report in the coming few months regarding the Ferry System Improvement Project, LIFAC last night adopted the following schedule for our meetings and other events and deadlines between now and July:

Wednesday, 5/9/18 6:30 pm LIFAC Regular Meeting

Tuesday, 5/22/18 6:30 pm at Beach School, Lummi Island: Public Meeting with Consultants

Wednesday, 5/23/18 Final questionnaire will be launched (not a meeting, watch for public announcements and posters for details)

Sunday, 6/10/18 Final questionnaire will be closed (not a meeting)

Wednesday, 6/13/18 6:30 pm LIFAC Regular Meeting

Sunday, 6/25/18 ***Deadline for submitting written comments to LIFAC or Public Works about consulting recommendations

Tuesday, 6/26/18 6:30 pm LIFAC Special Meeting to determine final recommendations to present to County Council

Wednesday, 7/11/18 6:30 pm LIFAC Regular Meeting

This replaces any earlier meeting announcements.

This will be the culmination of several years of the Level of Service portion of this planning process. Once the recommendations for Level of Service and the priorities for possible ferry system improvements are determined, the plan is to present it to Whatcom County Council for adoption at their meeting on July 24, 2018. If successful, the County would then begin seeking funding for the Design portion of the project. Keep in mind that even if funding was obtained tomorrow, it will take some years before a new vessel or dock improvements can actually be put in service. Estimated schedules for the rest of the work are also part of the consulting reports.

LIFAC meetings are always open to the public and a portion of every meeting is devoted to receiving public comments. If you would like to see how plans have been shaping up, now is the time to come and participate. Completing our final questionnaire between 5/23 and 6/10 will also be an important part of the process.

Also, draft documents will be posted to the County’s LIFAC web page as they are received by LIFAC from the consultants for you to download and read. The first documents should be online early next week. Please note that these are DRAFT documents–NOT final–and are subject to change (based on public comments received) until comments are closed on June 25. Fact Sheets, contact information, and other relevant information are also available on the website. Here is a link to the LIFAC site:

Please watch the TOME, Brown Betty, Nextdoor, and our email announcement list for more details and venues before each meeting. We’ll also be hanging posters for some of these events.

LIFAC deeply appreciates the positive community support and participation received to date, and we look forward to your continuing help reaching final recommendations that will assure the ferry future for all of us.

Thank you for your interest,
Nancy Ging

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