Lummi Island Roads and The Ferry

The Lummi Island Ferry Forum now will discuss not just ‘the ferry’ but also the roads that everyone uses traveling to and from the ferry, not to mention generally getting around the island. When people want to ride the Lummi Island ferry to the mainland, they first must walk or drive on Lummi Island’s roads. When they get off the ferry onto the Lummi Island dock, they never just stop on the dock. They turn north or south on Nugent, cross Nugent to the parking lot, walk across Nugent to the library, etc.  The ferry and roads are essential inter-related parts of Lummi Island’s transportation system, although few islanders or county officials seems to think beyond ‘ferry and docks’ in planning for future access to and from the mainland. Lummi Island’s roads are now in many places, showing increased signs of deterioration — in come cases, like at Village Pt, serious deterioration.

I am concerned about this ‘road blindness’ and its potential consequences for safe transportation to and from the ferry dock. Consequently I’m expanding the scope of the Lummi Island Ferry Forum to include posts and comments related to Lummi Island roads. I plan at least 2 posts to discuss the roads, including potential consequences  of island roads and County plans for their repair (or lack of plans) for specifying the vehicular carrying capacity of a replacement ferry for the Whatcom Chief.

As always, I welcome guest articles and comments. The only rules are:  Be civil,  stay on topic, use your real name and be as accurate as possible. I check comments before approving them, but only to ensure they are civil, on topic, not anonymous and reasonably accurate (no obviously false information or claims).  In the very rare cases where I think there might be a problem (~6-10 since the site launched in 2009), I always contact the author with my concern, to better understand what they have in mind and if they could expressing more clearly or civilly. Except for 2 cases, all authors chose to slightly modify their comment with no change in content. All 1449 other comments were published as is.

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