LIFAC Progress on Ferry Replacement Planning

Here’s Stu Clark’s (chair) report on the LIFAC March 1, 2016 meeting (not included: Agenda; brief bios of members Bailey, Blake and Forbes). A key action was the vote to ensure that the County’s 20 yr Comprehensive (Comp) Plan recogizes the Lummi Island Ferry system as an essential ‘arterial’ road that requires ‘concurrency’ of future transportation and growth/development.

Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) held its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 1st, at 6:30 PM and adjourned on schedule at 7:40 PM.

All members were present except Chuck Antholt who had been excused.

The new members, Charles Bailey, Rhayma Blake and Heidi Forbes, briefly introduced themselves. Their written intros are attached.

There were no Open Forum speakers; however, in lieu of speaking, Mary Ross submitted the attached written comments, with an accompanying photo, regarding the feasibility of a Fairhaven route for the Lummi Island ferry. The subject was not discussed at this meeting.

Rob Ney from Whatcom County Public Works gave us a good update on current county affairs. He described the use of fueling days for an opportunity to meet with the entire ferry crew for training and other purposes. He also stated that the latest monthly maintenance procedures had alleviated the annual regular maintenance effort during drydock.

We agreed on the procedures to prepare the minutes for approval at a meeting before submitting to the County.

We then settled on a submittal time for input to Chapter 6 of the Comp Plan. The May meetings of the County Council will be addressing this plan. Our goal will be to have some input on including the “concurrency requirement” for the ferry in Section 6A1 of that plan.

For the remainder of the meeting we had a healthy discussion of the elements in calculating the ferry’s Level of Service (LOS) and LIFAC’s level of involvement in defining the LOS. During this process we spent much time on the preplanning time cycle for a new ferry, on the ferry’s characteristics, and what is involved in accomplishing this time cycle.

Attached is the original Agenda for this meeting.

At the next meeting, April 5th, we will continue review of the Comp Plan input and of elements in the LOS.

Thank you for your interest in this report,

Chair: Stu Clark





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