Status of New October 2015 Punch Cards

Mike McKenzie, chairman of the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Community (LIFAC) relayed this information including purchase instructions) from Rob Ney, our liaison to Whatcom County Public Works, about the status (9/14/2015) of the new punch cards that will go into effect on October 4, 2015. (Current punch cards can still be used for another 6 months. Then they die.)

Historical  context: Improved government communications.  Those who’ve lived with the ferry for only a short (<5 years) time, the current back-and-forth flow of information between our county government, LIFAC and islanders is a huge improvement from the situation even 6 years ago when the Ferry Forum was launched — never mind 10 years back when getting information like this was essentially impossible. That often led to legitimate worries and frustrations, even paranoia, by islanders about what the county was up to re: ferry operations. Are there still be ‘opportunities for improvement’ in communications? Sure — in both directions. But I for one am very heartened to see this very positive change.

So – sincere thanks to Rob Ney for this timely information. Thanks, too, to Mike M., and to Paul Davis for forwarding this notice promptly via his Brown Betty email service. (Brown Betty email alerts are available, for free, upon request to Paul for those who have paid-up Tome subscriptions. The Tome is the Lummi Island Community Association’s monthly newsletter).

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