Lummi Island Ferry Dry Dock 2015 Info

UPDATE 7/27:  New great article about the dry dock experience by Isaac Colgen.

The Whatcom County’s Public Works ferry site has links to information about the 2015 Lummi Island ferry dry dock (Sept. 10 – Oct 1), including the passenger ferry schedule, van service on the island and van stop maps.  Basic timing of dry dock is here – very important is the time of the last car ferry run on September 9!

Dry Dock Ferry Parking 2015. Ignore the statement re: ‘leased parking” The County hasn’t leased any parking at Gooseberry Pt since ~2011/2012 (though the Willows has sometimes leased some spots for it’s guests and a few others).

Paul Davis (LICA treasurer & all-round island treasure) has been sending out links to those who are pad subscribers to The Tome and ask to be on his Brown Betty email alert system. Contact him to start getting those emails.

Here’s a link to this year’s dry dock work on the Whatcom Chief, plus costs.

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