Three Consultant Reports on Hiyu Feasibility and Cost

Part 3 of Report on May 19, 2015 Meeting with Jack Louws.

County Executive Jack Louws, at the May 19, 2015 Town Hall meeting on Lummi Island about ferry issues, said that consultants estimated the cost of adapting the Hiyu and both of the island and mainland terminals for use by the Hiyu at $7,000,000. (written summary of the meeting here; link to audio and some video, with audience questions, here)

That amount was based on the following three county-commissioned reports ($8,000 cost to taxpayers) that assessed the feasibility and cost of adding the M/V HIYU (a soon-to-be-surplused Washington State ferry) to Whatcom County’s ferry system, or replacing the Whatcom Chief with the Hiyu.

  1. Potential compatibility of the Hiyu with the Gooseberry Point and Lummi Island terminals, from Elliot Bay Design (April, 2015).
  2. Tonnage Revision Feasibility Report by Elliot Bay Design Group.  Estimate of the process, cost and feasibility of modifying the Hiyu so that it might be re-classifiable as a H Class vessel (5-crew vessel) to an T Class vessel (potential 3 crew vessel, like Whatcom Chief.
  3. Estimated costs of modifying both the Gooseberry Pt and Lummi Island docks to accommodate the Hiyu’s greater length, width and tonnage.

Public Works will soon post these three reports on the County’s Lummi Island Ferry website. The delay is due to a serious illness that our key liaison recently suffered, but he forwarded me copies, at Louws’ request, so that islanders would have quick access to them.  (The documents have been archived in the Whatcom Ferry Document Archive, an independent searchable database developed and maintained by Nancy Ging, island resident. Anyone can submit pdf documents < 2 Mb to be added to the database.)

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