Audio, Video of Meeting with Louws plus Q&A

Part 1:  Audio, audience questions & edited video

1.  Here’s the complete audio (~1 hr 22 minutes) from the meeting. You have to download to listen. Thanks to Bill Fox, Lummi Island resident, for posting the audio file on NextDoor Lummi Island. The first 0-4 minutes are noisy, but after that sound quality is very good. Approximate times for the start of different topics: 

  • 1:00 – introduction by Mike McKenzie, LIFAC Chairperson
  • 4:20 – Louws presentation starts
  • 6:40 – Topic 1, Goal of maintaining current service level, regular and dry dock
  • 8:30 – Topic 2, Lummi Marina & Gooseberry Pt dock. The County’s starting to work with Lummis to seek federal funds to move Gooseberry dock and staging area, ensure permanet access at Gooseberry.
  • 13:48 – Topic 3a, adding second ferry to the fleet, general
  • 14:55 – Topic 3b, analysis of Hiyu option and his recommendation
  • 19:19 – Topic 3c, inter-agency / county options and looking at Trek as second vessel
  • 19:55 – Topic 4, the Ferry Fund and fares (goals and current work)
  • 22:00 – Other county issues (jail, EMS, Lake Whatcom) and recap
  • 24:00 – Question/Answer period begins. Sue Aspelund, LICA Board Vice-President, read the written questions submitted before or during the presentation)
  • 1:22:00 Mary Ross, LICA president, concludes the meeting

2. The questions that were submitted before or during the meeting are available: 5-19-15 Town Hall meeting questions. They are grouped by topic (marina, fares, ferry replacement, other).  All but a few  questions were answered during the meeting. A few duplicates in terms of content, or that Mr. Louws couldn’t answer during the meeting, are identified by an *.  (The Q&A period started about 24:00 minutes into the meeting audio.) 3.  Greg Lutz, Lummi Island resident, posted an edited video of parts of the meeting on youtube. (thanks so much, Greg).  The video begins approximately at the point (13:48 minutes in audio) where Louws describes his analysis and decision about the idea of obtaining the Hiyu as an interim replacement for the Whatcom Chief until a new ferry can be obtained.

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