Position Opens up on Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee

The Chair of the county-appointed Lummi Island Citizen Advisory Committee (LIFAC) has announced that Bob Busch resigned his position on the LIFAC. The opening and application form are posted on the County Council website. The remaining partial term expires 1/31/2016. The position could be filled by County Council with either an island resident or a non-resident.

First and foremost,  great thanks to Bob Busch for volunteering to serve on LIFAC since its inception in 2012. His commitment to serving Lummi Islanders and the County in this and many other ways is an admirable example of the kind of person who has helped make the Lummi Island community so remarkable. 

 My hope for his replacement. I really, really really hope that someone will apply who has a deep and abiding fervor for and skill at keeping LIFAC communications freely flowing.  While LIFAC has worked hard on many issues, the fact is that only those who attend their meetings (not feasible for most people) have any chance to find out what’s going on in a timely manner. While meeting minutes and some LIFAC documents are eventually published on the county’s LIFAC website, backlogs of months are common  As of today, May 18 2015, minutes from their January 6, 2015 meeting are the most recent ones posted, and NO documents (like the report on the Hiyu) have been posted.  While it’s apparently ‘legal’ to have regular 4-month+ delays in publishing their minutes, it’s  dysfunctional from the perspective of respectful communications with their fellow citizens, as it leaves hearsay and the often needlessly contentious and misleading rumor mill as the only way for most people to find out hear what LIFAC is up to. 
For various reasons I cannot volunteer for this position, but I sincerely hope that someone will step forward who is willing and able help facilitate complete and timely LIFAC communications in the future.

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