PLIC Input to LIFAC about Ferry Replacement Report

Rhayma Blake, president of the PLIC Board, asked to post this about what they submitted to LIFAC today, including survey results, concerning the Ferry Replacement Subcommittee’s report re: possibly replacing the Whatcom Chief with the Hiyu and keeping the Chief as a backup vessel. Thanks to the PLIC Board for their continued effort to listen to islanders’ obviously varied opinions. Job very well done.


—–Forwarded Message—–
From: Rhayma Blake <>
Sent: Feb 2, 2015 6:28 PM
To: Wynne Lee <>
Subject: For Ferry Forum
The PLIC Board of Directors has sent a letter complete with the survey results to LIFAC recommending that they forward the Lummi Island Replacement and Options Report to Whatcom County Public Works for their review. We thank all those who participated in the process for your thoughtful comments and input at the PLIC Annual Meeting and on the survey. You can read the letter and report at…

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