Ferry Emergency Twitter Notification from Public Works

NEW Tweets from @whatcomferry about Lummi Island ferry emergencies

Remember when the ferry suddenly went out during the day a few months ago, stranding people on both sides?  That emergency happened during the first week that Rob Ney, Public Work’s new ferry manager (among other duties). was on the job. He quickly learned how important it is to keep ferry users updated about emergencies.

Last Tuesday (November 4, 2014 LIFAC meeting), Rob told attendees that Public Works just opened a twitter.com account using the name @whatcomferry. They plan to send out updates (tweets) when emergencies occur.  (see below for how to set up a free twitter.com account so you will get those messages).

Kudos to Public Works, and Rob Ney especially, for trying this out!  It should help some ferry users next time an emergency comes up.  Won’t work for everyone, of course; nothing does.

Setting up Twitter, for novices (like me)

Get someone who already uses twitter to help you set it up!

Search youtube for ‘twitter how-to’ videos.

My method

  • I went to http:twitter.com, rolling my eyes about One More Program to figure out.  But it was very easy to sign up – enter your email address, choose a password and user name.  Then, you can use twitter.com tutorials to figure things out.
  • I located my Home Page and opted to ‘follow” (receive messages/tweets from) only @whatcomferry.  I did that by searching for ‘whatcomferry’ and clicking ‘follow’ on the whatcomferry page. I deleted all other sugggestions.
  • Going to settings (found under the ‘head’ in the top toolbar, to the left of “Tweet”) I turned off all of twitter’s suggestions about other tweets I could get (most were tweets from me, or about me, or from twitter software, and related ‘retweets’).
  • I also turned off all of twitter.com’s ‘helpful recommendations’ about popular tweeters I could follow (get messages from).
  • I set up where to receive tweets/messages (including text messages):  web browser, (smart)phone or both are options.  There’s no way to be emailed tweets from twitter, but I found online instructions for a work-around for getting emails. I haven’t tried that yet.  Anyone who knows how, please add a comment below, with link to the how-to resource.

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