Paper and Online Information about Lummi Island Ferry

Below are 10 resources with information about Whatcom County’s ferry to Lummi Island. They are listed roughly in order of creation. All but two of the online sites are fully public.  (Note:  links to most of the sites are always visible in the right upper sidebar of the Ferry Forum) 

The County (especially Public Works) has more information if you know what to ask for.  However, by County policy, they keep most records for only 6-7 years.  That’s why several citizen designed & maintained sites, especially the Whatcom Ferry Archive. Sometimes events and documents older than 6-7 years have crucial information related to current decision-making, things like reports on the vessel, new vessel designs and alternative docking possibilities.  Because there is considerable turnover in government personnel, that policy can lead to ‘lost institutional memory’ of much useful information.  Our citizen sites can help fill in that gap, if we maintain them.

  1. Island Library Lummi Island Archives. Public. Paper copies of reports, meeting minutes, photos and more going way back, but lacking any records from the county’s Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee that was formed in 2013.
  2. Whatcom County Public Works’ ferry site.  Public.
  3. Bellingham Herald archives.  Public.  (unknown: how long archived articles can be accessed)
  4. (site for old and other scanned ferry-related documents, created by Bill Fox, ~2010); private/by permission (doesn’t show up in search engines)
  5.  Lummi Island Ferry Forum (January 2010;  Wynne Lee & Colleen McCrory; Wynne and Nancy Ging are current full editors)  Public, searchable blog with posts, comments and links to documents and other information sites. Information about ferry issues of all sorts is generally researched and posted by the editors, but submitted articles and comments are very welcome.
  6. Protect Lummi Island Community (PLIC) ~2011; PLIC Board)  Public. Information about ferry issues.  No visible comments but thoughts can be submitted to the PLIC Board by phone or via an email address on their “Contact Us” page.
  7. Whatcom Ferry Documents Archive (~2012; Nancy Ging) Public and easily searched. Anyone can submit a pdf document related to the ferry.  Such submissions are reviewed, and if not a duplicate and meets Archive requirements, posted.
  8. Whatcom County’s Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee website. (Whatcom County, for LIFAC) LIFAC agendas, minutes and documents (2013)  Public.  Posted documents are under the ‘document’ heading but lack titles. If there’s more than one document for a given date, they are all appended to each other. That means that only very tedious manual searches are possible.  Historically, there is a considerable lag (2-4 months) between LIFAC meetings and their posting of meeting minutes.   Note:  There’s no group address that automatically sends emails to all LIFAC members.  (For all current LIFAC member emails, see the Ferry Forum link in upper right box)
  9. Nextdoor Lummi Island. (~2012) Private for only those with Lummi Island addresses. Has some general posts, notices; others are visible only to those who have joined the ND “Ferry Tales” group
  10. LIFAC’s non-county website (October 2014)  Public.  Has 4 documents posted so far.  Place to submit input but no visible comments. Not yet determined if those messages reach all LIFAC members and the County, or if they go only to the LIFAC chairperson.

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