2010 County Ordinance with $3 surcharge added to all fares

Hard to believe, but no post was ever written that linked to the 2010 County fare ordinance, which added a flat $3 charge to all fare categories.  Here’s a link to that ordinance. It’s located on the public, easily searched Ferry Documents Archive  as well as on the county’s website.

This post is is belated, but since fares are once again being discussed by LIFAC, PLIC and others, it seems a good idea to make it as easy as possible to find and read the official ordinance defining fares.

Two more recent changes to the basic fare ordinance (2013-043, which reduced children’s fares to zero and specified needs-based fares, and 2014-017 that started credit card use and charges) did not remove the surcharge.  All County ordinances and resolutions,by year and title, can be found here.

One thought on “2010 County Ordinance with $3 surcharge added to all fares

  1. Our fare structure is now so out of whack with every other ferry system in the Pacific Northwest it is time for a complete and comprehensive review of the entire structure – something I hope LIFAC will do before throwing another band aid on the wound.
    Here are a few examples of my research:
    1. Nearly every ferry system maintains about a 3:1 ratio between vehicle w/driver and a passenger/pedestrian (for good reason, they take up less space, so you can sell many more tickets at little increase in operating cost – We’re currently less than 2:1, but used to be 4:1)
    2. Most systems charge for vehicles by length, not the weight of the car or pickup. (Our fare for vehicles is based on cars and trucks with GVWR [Gross Vehicle Wt Rating] of 8,000 # or less. Many pickups today 3/4 ton and about exceed this limit but still pay the lower fare because no purser can remember them all as our vehicles have become heavier, and asking to see your registration would be ridiculous. State ferries use under 22 ft, which covers the vast majority of vehicles. Larger, longer and heavy GVWR commercial vehicles can be included in a simple truck schedule of small, medium, and large trucks that is fair for all.)
    3. Most systems just charge a fare, and adjust it from time to time. Not us! (We slap on an arbitrary $3 surcharge and it stays long past it’s stated purpose, creating vast inequities between the user classes. LIFAC’s latest proposal leaves the surcharge alone, but slashes rates on only 3 classes of fares, yet leaves the other 20 or so alone)
    4. All ferry systems have some sort of discount incentive to purchasing multiride fares, either passes or punch cards. Most only discount their basic fare by 20-33%. Our discounts are generally higher, and proposed to go above 50%. This further induces travel in vehicle classes, when we already have limited deck space in peak periods. Further incentives to travel are unwarranted.
    5. Most systems have fares that do not penalize the occasional user to badly. If half priced punch cards for islanders is our key to the gate, and charging double for everyone else is a policy, it should be stated as such. “Visitors Not Welcome”. Low Income Either (as you have trouble coming up with hundreds of dollars to purchase the gate pass.
    I want reduced ferry fares just like everyone else. Let’s do it in a meaningful way, with lot’s of public discussion, before we just throw something up against the wall and see if it sticks again. Operating expenses next year will likely require another 2% increase as it has been in past years, and keep in mind, our ferry crew have not had a raise in many years. Their contract is up again, and could go to binding arbitration if a fair deal can’t be found.
    Should we then slap another surcharge on to cover wages?

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