LIFAC Technical Ferry Issues Subcommittee Meeting 2014-09-18

The second meeting of LIFAC’s technical ferry issues submitting occurred 2014-09-18 at the library.  Below is the information I’ve copied from posts that were shared with those islanders who subscribe to the “Ferry Tales and the Art of the Possible”, a subgroup of NextDoor Lummi Island, which is a private social media site that is restricted to people with  a Lummi Island address.

Meeting notice

Ferry Technical Issues Sub-Committee Meeting 16 Sep

Jim Dickinson from Lummi Island 

The second meeting of the Ferry Technical Issues Sub-Committee will be Thursday Night September 18th ay 6:30 PM at the Island Library. Topics will be the selecting of a permanent name, organization format, review of reports, the WSF Ferry HIYU, and other. For more information, call 296-3940.

Draft agenda for 2014-09-18 meeting Jim Dickenson 2014-09-18

9/18/2014 DRAFT Agenda
Ferry Technical Issues Sub-Committee
1. Introductions, Flag Salute
2. Approval of 7/29 minutes
3. Revue of 7/29 meeting
4. Review of Draft Statement
5. Committee Organization, Chair or not?
6. Reading of Reports?
7. Evaluation of WSF Ferry HIYU
A. Visit
B. Need to accelerate review
C. Depth and dock Issues, -DNR, Other agencies, Tideland Ownership
d. Crewing issues
e. Statement of remaining life, engines, etc.
F. Other
8. Evaluation of remaining life of Whatcom Chief
A. maintenance cost,
B. Safety Rules non compliance
9. Discussion of County 2007 Report (note from W Lee:  this is the county’s 14 yr ferry plan, 2007-2020)…
10. Other items.

Audio of 2014-09-18 meeting, posted by Bill Fox (Lummi Island) on his privately owned site. (~14 Mb)

Editor’s note:  This subcommittee is part of LIFAC, a county-appointed committee. Therefore all documents (including these) that it produces are part of the public record.  The subcommittee is required to give full public notice in advance of their meetings and post their agendas, minutes (written and/or audio), on LIFAC’s county website.

One thought on “LIFAC Technical Ferry Issues Subcommittee Meeting 2014-09-18

  1. I listened to the audio recording of the lifa technical subcommittee meeting and was surprised to hear someone suggest, and others agree, that the island needs a bigger ferry to help grow island business. They were suggesting that adding more people to the island with the aid of a larger ferry was a positive goal. I suggest that islanders learn about their finite resources such as water before embracing a growth scenario.

    To better understand island water resources I suggest reading the water studies that the County has posted to its website.

    It is possible that the island already mines its water in some places and does not replenish due to recharge. There is no off island source of water, that is any continuity to the mainland. Recharge rates for the island are not large.

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