Lummi Island Ferry Finances 2006-2014

Diane Harper submitted a (draft) 1-page summary of Lummi Island ferry finances from 2006-2014 to the long-range planning committee of the county’s Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) for their Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014.  The draft summary includes detailed  charts and tables of costs and revenues and how they relate to each other. (note:  If the final document changes, I will update it.)

Among other things, the summary shows when ferry fares have not/have paid the required 55% of operational expenses.  Because this is just a brief summary, terms and categories are not described in detail.

Many, many thanks to Diane for creating this summary, to LIFAC’s long-range planning committee for requesting the data, and to Public Works for providing it. The file is located in the public Ferry Document Archive, under the title Ferry Finance Charts 2006-2014. Presumably, once finalized, this summary will also be posted on LIFAC’s county website.

Two big stories that I see in this summary (assuming all the data are correct) are that

  • operational expenses have been fairly stable over the past 5-6 years
  • fares have exceeded the required fare-box percent contribution to operational expenses for 6 of the 9 years, including the last 4 years.

One thought on “Lummi Island Ferry Finances 2006-2014

  1. Thank Diane for keying in a ton of data to get the Ferry Task Force files up to date the next time you see her – several all-nighters.

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