2014 Lummi Island Ferry Dry Dock Parking at Gooseberry Pt

Parking Part 1 (more to come)

Paul Davis put this message about Lummi Island Ferry dry dock parking at Gooseberry Point on NextDoor. As he says, it can be a really serious problem for commuters (including parents with small children) and those with medical or mobility problems.  He makes excellent suggestions, which I’ve posted below with his permission. 

Another parking option Paul didn’t mention is that West Shore Hospitality has rented some parking spaces on Gooseberry Pt. All such places are now taken, according to Mike McKenzie (see his comment below).


Annual trouble at Gooseberry.

Paul Davis, Lummi Island

The problems at Gooseberry Point during our annual dry dock are due to the fact that there are just too many of us for the limited parking facilities. The only way available to us to mitigate these problems is to cooperate and give serious consideration to folks who need parking spaces more than we do. Car pool, use the bus, rent a private space, one car per family if at all possible. If you use a space unnecessarily, you are using a space that your neighbor who works until late evening depends upon to maintain their life as a Lummi Islander. Guess what a commuter who can’t find a space thinks of a family who keeps two or three cars over there. OK, sometimes there are cases when two cars are necessary for divergent work schedules, but please do what you can to help your neighbors. Which is more important – that a nurse gets to the hospital every day, or that your kid gets to a soccer game next Friday? Priorities!!! It’s only for two weeks this time.

Of particular concern is the very limited number of parking spaces for our handicapped neighbors. There just aren’t enough of those spaces, and handicapped commuters depend upon them. If you leave your car there just in case you might want to leave the Island during those two weeks, can you really accept that you are forcing a handicapped daily commuter to crawl on hands and knees a half mile every day to get to the ferry?

It’s all about priorities. If you abuse your priority, it may be your next door neighbor or dearest friend who suffers from your abuse. For myself, I stock my larder and tough it out so someone else can use my parking space. In case of emergency, there are plenty of people with cars at gooseberry who would be capable and happy to provide transportation. I will not leave a car at Gooseberry “just in case.” Will you take the pledge with me?

One thought on “2014 Lummi Island Ferry Dry Dock Parking at Gooseberry Pt

  1. The Willows Inn staff is not in charge of leasing any private dry dock parking spaces. Please avoid calling there. Re: the leased parking at Gooseberry Point arranged by WSH is filled. No spaces remain available.

    While I’m here I will report that a representative from both PLCI and from the LIFAC has been in touch with representatives at Public Works about any possibilities for creating additional spaces for disabled parking. The responses have been that they will take a hard, close look at every possibility, and report their findings.

    Thank you.

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