LIFAC Forming New Strategic Planning & Technical Issues Subcommittees

This is a replacement of an earlier post I made today, which is now shown as ‘private’.  I have removed  two  verbatim documents, which are part of the legal public record (it was not incorrect to post them here). I explain why after the main points of this post.

  1. LIFAC is in the process of forming two subcommittees, one to focus on overall long-range planning for the ferry system, and the other to focus on technical issues.  Two LIFAC committee members have been appointed to each potential subcommittee. If I remember correctly, Chuck Antholt and Byron Moye have been appointed to lead the strategic planning subcommittee, and Greg Brown and Stu Clarke will lead the technical subcommittee.  (You can find their emails on the main page of the Ferry Forum.) A few other citizens have been identified as highly probably members of the both subcommittees.  All interested citizens from Whatcom County are welcome to apply to be on those subcommittees. Their recommendations could have an impact on the operations and costs of Whatcom County’s future ferry to Lummi Island.
  2. At this time (Aug. 1, 2014), neither subcommittee has a LIFAC-approved (i.e., motion made and voted on in a public meeting) scope of work or set of members.


The reason for replacing my original post today is that some inaccurate statements were made in the first document, which was posted on a group in NextDoor Lummi Island by someone who is/will be on a ‘technical issues’ LIFAC subcommittee.  Those inaccuracies are misleading about the status and scope of both intended subcommittees, which led several puzzled citizens to request clarification from LIFAC. That led to Chairperson Mike McKenzie sending an email that corrected those mistakes.  Corrections to the written record (specifically in this case, to the group on  NextDoor Lummi Island) have not yet been made.

I decided, for now, to remove both written documents in the earlier post. My hope is that will provide space for this issue of correcting those errors to be handled as gracefully and congenially as possible.  If a correction appears on NextDoor in a day or two, then I’ll let this rest, with the sincere hope that members of LIFAC and any subcommittees it forms will ensure that all their communications will be as accurate as possible — and corrected when needed. We all make mistakes. With luck, we sometimes we can correct those errors.

I’m not interested in ‘gotcha’, blaming etc — that’s a waste of time, energy and spirit.  I just want to make sure that LIFAC subcommittee work, just like all LIFAC’s efforts, are clearly and accurately reported in a way that’s open and transparent to everyone.

This is our government — government R us —  at work. Keeping our self-governance, yes even re: ferry issues, out in the open, as clear, fair and accurate as possible is worth advocating for pretty strongly.

One thought on “LIFAC Forming New Strategic Planning & Technical Issues Subcommittees

  1. Thank you for your concerns and efforts for accuracy, etc. in reporting LIFAC activities. Your incite and ability for analyzing is welcome and helpful to our community. Rumors and inaccuracies can flourish in such a small community as ours. I don’t personally know what this is about but hope that the results are helpful to everyone involved.

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