New PLIC Board & Report on Ferry Issues

The PLIC (Protect Lummi Island Community) Board has posted minutes from their annual meeting, in January 2013 on their website.  (for more information about PLIC, see their website, or search here  on the Ferry Forum for “PLIC”)

The Board reviewed ferry issues from 2012 and described their plans for 2013.  There was considerable discussion of ‘needs based’ fares, including the 2011 County Ferry Task Force recommendations that the County is considering.  A group of PLIC members will review this issue and bring forward recommendations at a future meeting.

New Board members were elected to replace Mike McKenzie and Stu Clarke, who stepped down to avoid conflicts with their roles on LIFAC, the County Council’s Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (thanks, Mike & Stu).  The new PLIC Board, whom you can contact by phone or email ( is:

  • Rhayma Blake, President
  • Mike Kmiecek, Treasurer
  • Mary Ross, Secretary
  • David Wing
  • Tess Winds-Johnson
  • Janet Lutz-Smith
  • Jansen Pierce


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