Ferry service hours, discount fares & more

Notes from the last PLIC meeting, on Jan. 22, 2013.

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>Subject: PLIC Annual Meeting Recap
>Here’s a quick recap of the PLIC Annual Meeting last January 22, 2013.  One update since the meeting, the next LIFAC meeting originally announced for Feb. 4th has been rescheduled for Feb. 11th.  News shared with members included:
>- It appears that cuts in service levels are currently not being considered by Public Works.
>- The Gooseberry Point Wing Wall construction is near the bidding phase with summertime construction anticipated.
>- Electronic ticketing and on-line purchase of tickets should become available this year.
>- The discounted fares recommendations of the Ferry Task Force have recently been under review by Public Works.  Concerns were discussed with no consensus immediately apparent, so it was decided a small work group would be formed.  Naomi Jarvie, Debi Roth, Steven Thomas, Kathleen Gallagher, Norma Bohl, Betsy Schneider, and Connie Hahn  volunteered to look at the issues in more depth and bring a recommendation back to PLIC for its consideration.
>- The future of PLIC was discussed.  Island elder Jerry Anderson praised PLIC saying, “Had it not been for PLIC, we wouldn’t have the agreement we have.”  Wynne Lee and Michael Schneider requested more visibility of any communications with County Council.  Bill Lee stated that PLIC should continue.  By a show of hands, it was decided to continue the organization in order to “Keep out in front of issues instead of just reacting to situations” and to “Create more attention at the county level by sending island comments through an organization rather than just through individuals.”
>- PLIC thanked Mike McKenzie and Stu Clark for their service as they resigned from the PLIC Board of Directors to assure no conflict of interest in their roles with LIFAC.
>- New board members Janet Lutz-Smith, Jansen Pierce, and Tess Winds-Johnson were elected by acclamation.  Rhayma Blake will serve as president, Mike Kmiecik-treasurer, Mary Ross-secretary, and Dave Wing will continue on the board.
>- Treasurer Mike Kmiecik reported $4,013 in the account.
>The next PLIC meeting will be called when there is a recommendation from the discounted fares work group.  A full set of minutes should be available by the end of the week on the PLIC website.
>Thank you all for your support and participation,

One thought on “Ferry service hours, discount fares & more

  1. Good new PLIC Board. So many great islanders have stepped up and put in many hours of work on our behalf. Now with the continuation of PLIC and the quite new County Council LIFAC board, we islanders are lucky. Some of our fellow islanders will keep track of all concerning the Ferry.

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