Online County Website Link to LIFAC Documents

Documents (ordinance, agendas, minutes and handouts) about and by the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) will be posted on the new County webpage for the committee, as announced today by Jill Nixon, county clerk. Her  email includes the direct link to the documents page.

Many thanks to Jill & the committee for setting this up, so that citizens as well as county officials can access this information any time.

LIFAC correspondence, including emails and written citizen input, are not stored on the new website, but citizens can submit a request to the County Clerk for LIFAC emails (to or from), on particular topics, as all such correspondence is part of the public record and subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Jill’s email:

—–Forwarded Message—–
From: Jill Nixon
Sent: Oct 10, 2012 2:19 PM
To: Barbara Brenner , Bill Knutzen , Carl Weimer , Kathy Kershner , Ken Mann , Pete Kremen , Sam Crawford , Wynne Lee ,
Cc: Dana Brown-Davis
Subject: LIFAC Online

Good afternoon everyone,
Per the requirements of WCC 2.145 (Ord 2012.005), Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee agendas, minutes and other paperwork are now posted on the County’s website.  The direct link is here:
One can also navigate to this page via the County homepage or Council home webpage > select the link to (Citizen) Boards and Commissions > select the Link to the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee > select the link to the LIFAC Agendas, Minutes and Handouts.
I will update this page as often as I get a fresh batch of paperwork from the Committee Secretary or Chair.
If you prefer, please pass this information on to your Lummi Island community contacts.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks, and have a great day.
Jill Nixon
Administrative Clerk
Whatcom County Council Office
311 Grand Avenue, Suite 105
Bellingham, Washington 98225
360-676-6690 (phone)
PLEASE NOTE:  All incoming and outgoing emails are public records subject to public disclosure upon request.

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