Ferry-related Items on Council Agenda 9/25/12

A public hearing is on the Whatcom County Council agenda for Sept. 25, 2012 (next Tuesday) for the 2013 Annual Road Construction Program (AB2012-299).  The following ferry-related projects are included in the proposed plans: 

  1. Gooseberry Point pedestrian improvements ($2.1 million, part of dock lease terms–Supporting documents indicate that Lummi Nation must come up with an equal or greater amount before these funds will be made available.)
  2. Refurbish/upgrade of the Whatcom Chief ($5,000–Supporting documents indicate this is half of a 2013-2014  $10,000 project to “upgrade and preserve” the ferry vessel.)
  3. Ferry dock improvements ($825,000, including $400,000 in Ferry Boat Discretionary funding–includes replacement of dolphins, wingwalls,  paint systems, and other dock facilities. This is also a multi-year project, 2013-2018 totaling $1.525 million)
  4. Ferry parking ($50,000 to “improve existing public parking areas at Gooseberry Point within road right-of-way.”)
  5. Ferry queuing ($5,000–supporting document says this was originally estimated at $350,000)

Click to see the complete document on the County’s website. If you would like to speak in the public hearing, here are instructions from the Council’s agenda:

Audience members who wish to address the council during a public hearing are asked to sign up at the back of the room before the meeting begins. The council chair will ask those who have signed up to form a line at the podium. Each speaker should state his or her name for the record and will be given three minutes to address the council. Council staff will keep track of time limits and inform speakers when they have thirty seconds left to wrap up their comments. When a large group of individuals supports the same position on an issue, we encourage the selection of one or two representatives to speak on behalf of the entire group.


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