Survey about Gooseberry Pt Security

The PLIC Board created a paper survey to assess community interest in security at Gooseberry Pt after November 15, 2012, when it is scheduled to stop.  Survey forms with instructions are available at various locations on the island (see below), with a deadline of September 16, 2012.   Below is the Board’s reminder, sent today to those on their email list.

The only concern I have with this survey is the lead-in statement that “continuing to have security may necessitate cuts elsewhere in the county’s Public Works budget.”  I personally would have written it to read something like, “necessitate higher fares or cuts elsewhere in Public Works’ budget for operating the ferry,” but of course that just reflects my notion of where money for continued security is likely to come from. 

Thanks to all who have completed the survey about Security at Gooseberry Point. Security is slated to end November 15h. For those who have not weighed in, the cut-off for survey submission is next Sunday, September 16th.

At that time we will compile the responses and determine next steps. We have to assume that no survey from you implies that security is not important to you (and that’s just fine if that is indeed the case).

Please be sure you have filled and returned your survey by next Sunday. Blank surveys are available at The Islander, the post office and the library. Details on submitting them can be found at the bottom of the survey.

Thanks for your time and attention to this.

The PLIC Board of Directors

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