LIFAC Will Report to County on Tuesday 9/11/2012

Several ferry issues will be discussed at Tuesday’s (2012-09-11) County Council committee meetings. For details, including times and location, see Whatcom County Agenda Sept. 11, 2012.

(Council committee meetings are important because they are where much of the Council’s work, discussion and initial decision-making/leaning happen.)

Public Works, Health & Safety Committee Discussion

  1. Report from the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee on ferry re-queuing plan and update on the 55/45 funding split and electronic ticketing (AB2012-070A)
  2. Update on status and associated costs of actions taken by the Public Works Department to implement Lummi Ferry Lease Agreement (AB2012-294)

Finance & Administration Committee

The agenda includes two “consent” items that the council must approve for the money to be spent: (1) annual cost of ferry insurance and (2) maintenance / repair of the dock apron.  Both are operating/maintenance costs, of which ferry fares are supposed to cover 55%.

2 thoughts on “LIFAC Will Report to County on Tuesday 9/11/2012

    • The state ferry gets Sec 5307 formula funding from FTA so must comply with FTA rules requiring half off discounts for disabled and over-65 passengers during non-peak hours. WTA also offers these discounts as they receive FTA 5307 funding. Public Works is not part of the 5307 formula. Lummi Island may not be part of the urbanized area, which is required to get 5307 $$$. If PW were eligible, attempted & was successful at participating in 5307 it would require significant administrative effort in 24 areas including procurement, contract, drug & alcohol, civil rights, ADA, grant compliance, EEO, IT architecture, safety/security, & much more. This costs money just to comply with the administrative requirements & would probably cost massive amounts to comply with the actual FTA requirements. Considering island demographics, a discount could decimate fare revenue under the current fare policy. A new fare policy could be required that would raise base fares substantially. Also, any 5307 funds PW received would directly reduce WTAs 5307 allocation.

      If you like reading geeky govt documents, here’s a link to the FTA triennial review guidelines: . Enjoy!

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