LIFAC 1st Meeting Minutes Available, by Request

Approved minutes from LIFAC’s first meeting back in February 2012 are now available, by request. Anyone who would like to read those minutes can email and ask for a copy.  (I’d still be delighted to see LIFAC documents posted on the Ferry Forum, if someone on LIFAC does the posting.)

Expectations and realities about LIFAC communications.  It is not part of LIFAC’s charge from the County Council to do more than make proper public announcements(with agendas) at least 24 hours before their meetings, get ‘islander input’  on some issues how is up to LIFAC) and report to Council on issues that LIFAC considers. LIFAC is not charged with reporting its activities directly to citizens.  It is totally LIFAC’s choice whether or not (or when) to distribute any of their documents, minutes, correspondence etc in ways that are easily accessed by islanders, other county citizens and ferry users. LIFAC, like all County citizen advisory committees, is only required by the open meetings act to maintain a full archive of its agendas, minutes, documents etc in some official repository  The archive need not be in electronic format. Citizens have the right to request all that information through a freedom of information request.

PS.  I got my copy of LIFAC’s February minutes from Jill Nixon, County Council clerk (a marvelously efficient, very helpful public servant) when I asked her last week.  However, I personally t think it’s unfair to burden Jill with multiple individual requests for the minutes now that we have the address.  Jill also told me that minutes from all the other LIFAC meetings are not yet available yet because they are still only drafts that must be approved in some future LIFAC meeting(s).

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