Still Lining Up on the Dock, It Seems

Well, the saga of ‘re-queuing’ continues.  This is just in from Mike McKenzie, chairperson of LIFAC, via an email he sent to LIFAC members (hence the email is a public document) and a few others, including me.

I personally refuse to say or write anything more on the new queuing scheme until I read the official news release from Public Works.  That is when we’ll have the full, accurate story.

—–Forwarded Message—–

From: Mike McKenzie

Sent: Aug 22, 2012 7:44 PM

To: Wynne Lee

Cc: “Jill Nixon:” , “Stu Clark:” , “Bob Busch:” , “Greg Brown:” , “Josh Zender:” , “Chris Colburn:” , Don Wines , “Chuck Antholt (home)” ,,

Subject: Re: Ferry Queing at Gooseberry

Vehicles will line up on the dock the same way they do now and then the alternating two lanes will feed into the single (dock) lane.

One thought on “Still Lining Up on the Dock, It Seems

  1. My confusion about lining up on the dock arose from the STOP sign at the dock-end of the two holding lanes. I thought it just meant …. STOP! But really, it’s a contingent ‘stop’, i.e., if you are lining up and there are open spaces on the dock, stop first and then drive onto the dock. That’s a lot, I think, for drivers to figure out from “Stop.”

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