Gooseberry Parking Restrictions Aug. 19 – approx. Aug 23, 2012

UPDATE 8/17/2012  Chris Brueske of PW commented by email,in  response to my query for corrections. 

  • My description below is accurate except that chip-sealing with will be swept, not rolled, on Monday Aug.27 .  Parked cars in the area will not need to be moved on August 27.
  • Otherwise, the information below is accurate.

Please read this latest announcement from Public Works about 2 restrictions on parking Gooseberry Pt next weekCars parked in prohibited areas will be towed, since the chip sealing work can’t be done unless all of the spaces empty.   If you know people who don’t use the internet,  or might be away and have cars parked in the triangle or for any other reasons may not see this announcement, please let them know!

I got clarification on some details from Chris Brueske at Public Works.  Here’s my understanding:

  1. From midnight Sunday, August 19 to ~August 20th or later (depending on weather), parking is prohibited all around the concrete island between Lummi View Drive and the parking triangle.  After the work is finished there, parking will again be allowed around the concrete island. Three of those spaces will be allocated for handicapped parking.
  2. From midnight Wednesday, August 22 to ~August 23 or later (depending on weather), parking is prohibited in the rest of the ‘parking triangle’, including all handicapped spaces.  The only handicapped parking will be 3 spaces by the concrete island, as described above.  After chip sealing is done, parking will be allowed in the triangle areas again.
  3. Rolling of the chip-sealed areas are planned to happen the following Monday Aug. 27),  so there will be loose gravel hazards for bikes, pedestrians and vehicles until the rolling is complete.

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