Definite Dry Dock Dates, Wing-wall Repair Plans

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Subject: 2012 dry dock update

Greetings from Public Works:

The 2012 dry dock dates for the Whatcom Chief have been set! The passenger only ferry service will begin on Wednesday, September 5th. The exact time for the switch over from the Whatcom Chief to the temporary passenger service will be set in the next few weeks. As soon as we work out the details we will send out a press release. The last day of dry dock and the return of the Whatcom Chief to service is anticipated to be Wednesday, September 26th. As always, this date is tentative, and dependent on the scale of repairs and work required both in the shipyard and at the docks.

Public bids have been received for the dry dock repair work. The anticipated cost is approximately $349,000. The County Council is anticipated to award the contract to the apparent low bidder in two to four weeks.

Many of you are also aware that Public Works is planning extensive repairs to the wing walls at Gooseberry Point this year. This work is anticipated to cost approximately $600,000. The plans are prepared and ready to go out to the public for bid submission. The Public Works Department is placing the project on “hold” pending notification of a possible grant award by early fall of approximately $400,000. In order to be considered for the grant award, the project cannot be already underway. This is why the project is currently on hold.

The Public Works Department would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer season. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support for Ferry Operations.

Thank you,

The Ferry Department


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