Email addresses of LIFAC Members


Below are the email addresses for sending your ideas, questions and feedback to the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) whenever you’d like. You also can write them or give public input at LIFAC meetings.

Jill Nixon is the County Clerk who assists LIFAC in posting their agendas, minutes and documents, presumably including email communications. The County hasn’t yet given them a county group email address.

Chuck Antholt:
Greg Brown: (recorder)
Bob Busch:
Stu Clark: (vice-chair)
Chris Colburn:
Mike McKenzie: (or
Byron Moye:

Jill Nixon: (county clerk)


Note: is a private individual email address for Mike McKenzie. It is not a group address that automatically forwards your email to all LIFAC members (I’ve learned this the hard way.)  If you want all LIFAC members to receive your emails or any related documents, you need to send them to all of the individual addresses.

One thought on “Email addresses of LIFAC Members

  1. I attended part of the meeting last night(6-18). The County and the islanders are very fortunate to have three very sharp, capable off islanders on LIFAC, along with 4 capable, knowledgeable islanders.

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