ALERT: Ferry Advisory Committee on Council Agenda

Just received notice from Dana Brown-Davis in the County Council office at 11:16am today that the following is being added to the County Council agenda for tonight, 4/24:


4. Nomination and appointment to fill vacancies on the Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee – various applicants (AB2012-044A) (applications received to date are attached below)

Please note: Appointments will be scheduled for Council action on May 8, 2012.

“Introduction” items, by definition, will not be acted on. Here’s the standard comment on the agendas for Introduction items:

Council action will not be taken. The council may accept these items for introduction (no action) in a single motion. Changes, in terms of committee assignment for example, may be made at this time.

Here’s the full agenda document, including copies of applications to date.

Councilmembers are currently scheduled to vote to appoint Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee members at their meeting on Tuesday, May 8.

The ordinance creating the Advisory Committee, establishing its scope and detailing how it is to work can be viewed here.

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