Public Works Ferry Committee Report on Some Task Force Recommendations

At long last, Public Works (which now has its own ferry committee; wonder how much that costs!) as reported on its evaluation of some of the 2011 Ferry Task Force recommendations.  Thanks to Ken Mann for posting the inter-departmental memo from Public Works on Google docs and for alerting people on his Facebook page.

Public Works has posted two related documents on the Whatcom County Ferry site.  First is the same inter-departmental memo that Ken Mann put on Google docs.  The second is Frank Abart’s progress report to Jack Louws on the review. Frank includes some comments on the remaining items, including his perceived need for further reductions (beyond what’s recommended by the Ferry Task Force) in service hours and his continued desire to eliminate all needs-based passes.  The memo includes information about what Task Force recommendations are to be reviewed by June 30.

No reference is made in the PW document to the complete recommended revised fare schedule, which would replace the $3 surcharge with a set of fare adjustments (including cash surcharge for summer months) to keep the income the same but that would cease disproportionately burdening passengers and pedestrians (non-drivers).  Neither is there any mention of the recommendation to switch to electronic ticketing (multiple operational, record-keeping, reporting and long-term financial advantages), nighttime security at Gooseberry Pt and several other items.

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