Public Hearing on 4/10 for Ferry Rate Changes

Whatcom County Council will hear public testimony regarding two proposed changes to the ferry rate ordinance at their meeting on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Both changes were proposed by the Citizens’ Task Force.

The first change would give children ages 6 through 18 (through High School) free passage on the ferry as passengers/pedestrians. The second change would eliminate the student punchcards for July and August.

Here’s the item quoted from the Council agenda with a link to the ordinance as it would be worded if the changes are enacted:

Ordinance amending WCC 10.34, Ferry Rates, and the corresponding Whatcom County 2012 Unified Fee Schedule (AB2012-130)

Following are some recommendations from the County Council about participating in public hearings:

Audience members who wish to address the council during a public hearing are asked to sign up at the back of the room before the meeting begins. The council chair will ask those who have signed up to form a line at the podium. Each speaker should state his or her name for the record and will be given three minutes to address the council. Council staff will keep track of time limits and inform speakers when they have thirty seconds left to wrap up their comments. When a large group of individuals supports the same position on an issue, we encourage the selection of one or two representatives to speak on behalf of the entire group.

If you would like to contribute comments before the meeting, you can:

  • Mail Council at:
    Whatcom County Council
    311 Grand Avenue, Suite 105
    Bellingham, Washington  98225
  • Phone the Council office at:
    (360) 676-6690
  • Email all Councilmembers at one email address:

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