Possible Fare Change for Children?

On their Agenda for tomorrow night, Tuesday March 27, 2012, the County Council will introduce (not vote on) an ordinance to change ferry fares just for children (Item 2) and also to build pedestrian walkway at Gooseberry, per The Great Lease (in Item 3). Both are under “Introduction Items”. Public hearings will be scheduled, a minimum of two weeks from now.

Council action will not be taken. The council may accept these items for introduction (no action) in a single motion. Changes, in terms of committee assignment for example, may be made at this time.

1. Resolution authorizing the sale of Whatcom County surplus property pursuant to Whatcom County Code 1.10 (AB2012-125A) (hearing to be scheduled)

2. Ordinance amending WCC 10.34, Ferry Rates, and corresponding Whatcom County 2012 Unified Fee Schedule (AB2012-130) (hearing to be scheduled)

3. Resolution amending the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the years 2012 through 2017 (AB2012-137) (hearing to be scheduled)

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