Changes at the Mainland Docks and more

From the PLIC Board of Directors.

County Public Works Director Frank Abart recently shared with a PLIC Board representative all known details about two major construction projects at Gooseberry Point ferry dock that are on the drawing board. One probably will take place soon, and the other during dry dock in September.

One is the rearrangement of the staging area for lining up vehicles and boarding the ferry, as required by the lease agreement signed last October. Most of the cost will come from the ferry fund, with some capital expense.

The other is a long-awaited building of new wing walls at the dock, a roughly half-million-dollar, capital funds project budgeted for 2012.  We will issue a separate email blast to you with as much information on that project as is known. All that is known right now is that the work will be done during dry dock, which tentatively is set for the three weeks following the Wednesday after Labor Day (Sept. 5).

Public Works anticipates knowing by mid-to-late May, when bids open for the construction work, the arrangements for dry dock ferry usage and public parking. Mr. Abart said only that WTA vehicles and parking lots will not be utilized.


1. This is not scheduled yet, but the lease requires it to be completed by October 1. (See excerpt of the uplands lease agreement at the bottom of this email.) Other work near the dock must be completed by October 27: one year from the signing.

2. Ideally, the County would ideally like to have the work done before peak summer season sets in. With no deadline, but with County pushing for expediency, a contracted consulting firm is working on three options to submit to Public Works for consideration.

3. After receiving the consultant’s drawings, and with the ferry crew at the main source for input into implementing a plan, Public Works will proceed with the construction.

4. The ferry advisory committee, if functioning, will serve only as a liaison for keeping Lummi Island stakeholders informed on plans, progress, and necessary arrangements (such as parking). The advisory committee will have no direct involvement in planning.

5. Payment for the lease-required work at Gooseberry, which also includes (by Oct. 27) such traffic and pedestrian safety measures as electronic speed monitoring signs, other signage, reduced speed limits, and rumble strips, is not included in the $200,000 annual payment for the right to use Gooseberry Point as a ferry landing.

6. The cost of the work to manage traffic boarding the ferry will come from the ferry fund; any additional funding (see exhibit below) involving paving, signage, etc., would become capital costs.

7. Some public parking that will become available by April 17, on Lummi View Drive and Haxton Way, could be impacted by this reconstruction project. Public Works pledged to make information available as soon as details are firm. Neither Mr. Abart nor Mr. Middleton would speculate on what might take place.

Below, you’ll find the link to the ferry lease agreement signed last October, with individual links from there to each of the three parts of the lease — intergovernmental, uplands, and tidelands.

The Gooseberry Point project is part of the uplands lease agreement, detailed in EXHIBIT B that appears below (or, if you prefer, in an attached Word document).

Thank you for your continued interest and support. If you have questions or feedback, please write to

PLIC Board of Directors

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