Give Input to County Council about Ferry Advisory Committee Applicants

14 applicants for the ferry advisory committee as of this morning (3/21/2012). Read the applications — and consider applying!  There is definitely still time.

Another way to help (without applying) is to review the applications to date and ask yourself, “What skills and attitudes of applicants are needed for efficient, positive, information-based, respectful and inclusive interactions among committee members, with islanders and other county citizens, and with representatives of key government groups?”

Then let the County Council know who you think would work together effectively to provide good, fair, objective and useful advice about the ferry system, or what skills and attitudes you think are important to include and/or exclude. (How to contact County Council).  They need to hear from us by next Monday, 3/26/2012.

2 thoughts on “Give Input to County Council about Ferry Advisory Committee Applicants

  1. Islanders are smart to let Councilmembers know who they see as good choices for the Advisory Committee. This committee has the opportunity to be very influential with County government….if it functions well and is respected.

  2. Looks like no appointments to the Ferry Advisory Cmmte this coming week either. I think we’re down to 10 or 11 applicants left, so maybe we should just start meeting, and let the Council ‘kick several off’ when they make up their minds.

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