Followup on “Queuing Alternatives Analysis”

Today I received a response from Public Works regarding questions I had sent a week ago about the Queuing Alternatives Analysis contract approved last Tuesday by the County Council. Here is a copy of the email:

Dear Ms. Ging,

My name is Roland Middleton; I am the Whatcom County Public Works
project manager for the Gooseberry Point/Haxton Way road improvement
projects.  Director Abart asked me to follow up with your questions
regarding the Ferry Queuing project on Gooseberry Point.

In regard to the funds for this project the engineering assessment
would be an operating expense but any construction to implement the
recommendations would be capital.

The “stakeholders” for this project will involve the Lummi Nation,
Whatcom County Public Works Ferry Operations staff, as well as the new
Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee, to the extent that they are
functional as the process must move forward to meet lease imposed

Roland Middleton, LEG

Roland Middleton, LEG,
Whatcom County Public Works
Special Projects Manager
Project Development
(360) 676-6876

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