$22,500 Queuing Study Passed – Need to Monitor

Last Tuesday. Feb. 28,  2012,  the County Council passed budget authority to fund this study, the subject of two recent Ferry Forum posts (here and here)   I think we ‘mere citizens’ should do everything we can to make sure that the counting of cars in line at Gooseberry Pt and cars ‘left behind’ occurs during ‘maximum load demand’ times, say from May 20  through July 10, including of course all weekends and holidays.

If counts are done mid-winter or earlier spring, the data will be useless — as will decisions based on them.

2 thoughts on “$22,500 Queuing Study Passed – Need to Monitor

  1. They’re not going to do counts. If you read the Public Works letter carefully, Public Works is simply going to use the ridership statistics and ESTIMATE the number of cars that must have been waiting. The whole model the consultants will develop is going to be based largely on invented data.

  2. Can this be true? Surely NOT. I’m reading that doggone contract and letter from public works again. If this is true, this contract is a serious waste of taxpayer dollar$.

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