Council May Change Agenda Order

This item isn’t itself specifically about the ferry, but I’m posting it because it would affect how Islanders interact with the County Council at their meetings about the ferry (or anything else).

At the 2/28 meeting next Tuesday, the County Council will be voting on whether or not to permanently revise their usual order for considering agenda items. Right now, after Council handles introductory matters and approves previous meeting minutes, the following items are scheduled in this order:

  • Open session (an open hearing where anyone can talk to Council about anything for up to 3 minutes)
  • Public hearings (formal public hearings scheduled on particular issues)
  • Consent agenda (items Council expects to approve unanimously)

If Council approves the proposed changes on Tuesday, the order of these items on future agendas will be reversed, pushing the open session later in the evening.

Also, Council is considering combining their standing committee on Health with their Public Works and Safety standing committee.

One thought on “Council May Change Agenda Order

  1. This will become especially important if (when, I think) evening ferry hours are cut back, since having open session comments later could mean that islanders wouldn’t be able to speak in the ‘open session.’ At numerous council meetings this past year or two, islanders have addressed the Council during the open session about various issues.of importance to us, On Latte Republic, Shane Roth expressed similar concerns for other Whatcom County citizens in a letter to the Council.

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