Abart on County Research into Plattsburg Ferry

Important correction to last sentence in Frank’s email — he amended it to include not” after “Public Works does  … believe” I put it in red.  Whether this is the end of this story remains to be seen. I’ve heard that more data may be on the way.

After writing about the County’s 2008 findings about the NY ferry  (reported in John Stark’s Feb. 3, 2012 Politics blog post), I emailed Frank Abart requesting Public Work’s full report plus any more recent update. Below is Abart’s email response, followed by my earlier  email query.

Frank Abart’s email:

> From: Frank Abart <FAbart@co.whatcom.wa.us>
> To: <wynnelee@earthlink.net>
> Cc: John Stark <john.stark@bellinghamherald.com>; Jack Louws <JLouws@co.whatcom.wa.us>
> Date: 2/4/2012 11:21:51 AM
> Subject: Re: PW report on NY ferry
> The information contained in the official response from County Executive Jack Louws is the “entire report”.  Public Works spent time and resources to do a general review of concerns related to the ship in  2008 when it was brought to our attention.  Apparently the ship is still for sale four years later and the question was obviously posed to Public Works again.  Staff time and resources were again committed to find out if anything had changed since 2008.
> Public Works does not believe this issue warrants further commitment of limited resources.

**** my email ****

“wynnelee@earthlink.net” <wynnelee@earthlink.net> 2/3/2012 7:24 PM
> Hi Frank,
> I learned from John Stark’s Herald politics blog post about PW’s 2008 report on the Lake Champlain ferry.  I’d like to post the entire report on the Lummi Island Ferry Forum ASAP and would appreciate it if you’d send me a copy (in electronic format, if possible) to facilitate speedy posting.   I’ve already posted Jim Dickinson’s pitch for the Lake Champlain ferry, so it’s particularly important to post ASAP what PW found 4 years ago.
> I honestly think that it’s best to get all the facts & analysis out for everyone, islanders and non-islanders alike, to facilitate vetting of this issue.
> This is one of those (too many) cases where the greater the ignorance among citizens, government official and media about what’s already known (and what’s not, if anything), the greater the chance for another unproductive Whatcom County ferry kerfluffle.
> Thanks for your help.
> Wynne Lee

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