Stuart Rich on PLIC Annual Meeting

Stuart Rich, who’s been PLIC Board president for the past two years, sent this email to its subscribers yesterday.  It includes another announcement of tomorrow night’s annual membership meeting, including elections of new Board members. If I remember correctly, the only way non-Board members of PLIC can vote is if they attend meetings, so those members who wish to vote should definitely attend.

> [Original Message]
> From: <>
> To: info <>
> Date: 1/29/2012 9:18:21 PM
> Subject: Letter from past president of PLIC…plan for Annual Meeting thisTuesday night
> (The letter is also attached if you prefer to read it in Word format)
> Dear Lummi Islanders and other Friends of the Island:
> As we move forward deeper into 2012 with a secured 35-year ferry lease, the focus of our community’s transportation needs has shifted to critical policy discussions with Whatcom County regarding the levels of future ferry service, costs, and revenue.
> Two years ago PLIC was formed with the single mission to protect, long-term, the Gooseberry Point ferry terminal and to facilitate the community’s voice in ferry-related matters. We islanders rallied to meet the challenge that threatened our vital ferry system by building community consensus and creating an effective partnership with County government.
> Now we have the opportunity to continue our strong community voice on how to shape the administration of the ferry system with implementation of Ferry Task Force recommendations and the creation of the Ferry Advisory Committee. There always will be a wide range of opinions on complex ferry issues, and on what course of action should be adopted. However, we all can agree upon the need for active community participation in this important dialogue which affects our daily lives and the fabric of Lummi Island. Now is not the time for complacency that the ferry work has been completed.
> The PLIC Board of Directors stands ready to join with you, your neighbors, and other community organizations to help determine the future ferry system. Mark Sexton and I have fulfilled our two-year terms as Vice-President and President, respectively. The PLIC Board has elected Mike McKenzie as President and Rhayma Blake as Vice-President. Joan Moye and David Wing continue into their second year on the Board.
> We are grateful that Mary Ross and Mike Kmiecik have accepted their nominations as new board members. Others are giving it consideration, too. I am confident that Mike, Rhyama, and the board members will continue the PLIC alliance role of fostering community dialogue, building consensus, and serving as a community liaison with County government.
> Please join us for the PLIC Annual Meeting this Tuesday (Jan. 31) at 6:30 p.m. at the Grange Hall to ratify new board members, discuss the Ferry Task Force recommendations and the creation of a County Ferry Committee, and most importantly, solicit your input to help determine PLIC’s priorities.
> Ice cream and cake will be served.  I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting.   Everyone is welcomed (membership not required to attend, only to vote).
> Very truly yours,
> Stuart Rich
> PLIC Member

3 thoughts on “Stuart Rich on PLIC Annual Meeting

  1. A big THANK YOU to Stuart and Mark for all they have done for the community the past two years. Good luck to the new officers and Board members. PLIC continues to be very important. Everyone’s support by Islanders of PLIC is needed.

  2. I believe I misunderstood the PLIC Board’s process of installing members. Stuart’s letter states that regular non-Board PLIC members at the meeting tomorrow night will only ratify the Board’s choice of new Board members, not vote in the more common American meaning of ‘vote’. Of course, vote vs ratify probably makes little difference, as I’ve not heard of multiple candidates for any of the Board positions.

  3. I am grateful for those volunteers willing to serve on the PLIC Board–it’s an important job, and a demanding one at times. In the absence of multiple nominees, I’m glad we can support them by ratifying their position as new Board members. Thank you volunteers!

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