Draft 2: Resolution Advisory Committee 2012-01-07

Here’s Draft 2 of the proposed County Council resolution. It’s based on the workshop discussion on January 4. Please submit comments by Friday Jan. 13 however you wish to info@plicferry.org, if you want your ideas considered for the version that goes back to Carl Weimer for introduction at a County Council meeting on January 17.

The PLIC Board sent out this email about the draft:

Twelve islanders gathered earlier this week to work on a draft of a resolution asking the Whatcom County Council to approve the formation of an ongoing ferry advisory committee, one of the Ferry Task Force’s recommendations. Attached is the draft of the resolution coming out of that meeting. Islanders can review and send any comments to info@plicferry.org by January 13th. Weimer and Brenner are backing this, but are asking that it represent the consensus of the island. Now is the time to speak up!

Our County Council representatives can modify the resolution before it is approved. All citizens have the right to give public input on such resolutions as they see fit.

3 thoughts on “Draft 2: Resolution Advisory Committee 2012-01-07

  1. Hi Wynne, and everyone else on the Island,

    It would be good to provide the updated version, that seems to be growing from comments and the workshop held on the island, in a redline version so people can see what is being proposed for changes by islanders. It people did not pay close attention to the original version they may not see the changes proposed, and also it isn’t clear that these new ideas are coming from islanders and not Barbara and I (since at the top it says proposed by us).

    This would also help me insert the changes we accept into the final document before it is submitted.



    • Carl – Draft 2 is the revised draft, developed mostly from yours (without, I think, your suggestion about how to request ‘resources’ from the County. I haven’t done any editing on the drafts, so the best approach is to contact Rhayma Blake and Mike McKenzie. With any luck, they had tracking turned on, which would facilitate seeing what’s been changed. If MS Word versions are available, then the “compare” function under MS Word tools can be used to highlight differences between versions.

      I won’t be on the Ferry Forum starting tomorrow, but Colleen McCrory will pick up the slack, but she’ll have to be sent versions for posting here that can be compared via Word, not PDF files.

      • There is some confusion about Wynne’s comment that “she won’t be on the Ferry Forum starting tomorrow”. She is NOT permanently resigning, just vacationing for a couple of weeks. Also, I can accept PDF files for posting as a link. Please call me if you have questions: 758-2927. Thanks, Colleen

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