Update: Resolution to Form New Ferry Advisory Committee

Just a quick update to let everyone know that progress continues.  Carl Weimer and Barbara Brenner drafted a version of a Council ordinance to be introduced to the Council ~January 24, 2012, with Council discussion and possible approval in February.

A group of islanders attended a workshop at Rhayma Blake’s house last Wednesday (Jan. 4) and recommended several changes that would, we think, improve the ordinance substantially.   All islanders were invited to attend that meeting via a PLIC email and on the Ferry Forum.  Rhayma, Joan Moye, Mike McKenzie, Steve Luke, Steve Thomas, Wynne Lee, Bill Lee (LICA Board liaison to PLIC), Mary Ross and Carolyn Kmiecik attended the entire meeting.

Once that draft is finished, the idea is to share it here and then send it on to Carl and Barbara.   It may be that they or the Council will make further revisions before (or after) the resolution is introduced.   The plan is for PLIC and the Ferry Forum  do our best to keep everyone informed of the status as things moved along. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here, by phone, email, in person … whatever you prefer.

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