Draft of Resolution for new Ferry Advisory Committee

Here’ the first draft of a resolution by which the County could set up a new ferry advisory committee, developed by the PLIC Board with input from others.  This and other ideas will be discussed tomorrow, with the intent of developing the next draft.  All are welcome to attend tomorrow’s meeting (Wed. Jan. 4, 2012, 10 AM at Rhayma Blake’s house), but please RSVP.

I’ll attend, so if you submit comments before 9 AM tomorrow (Jan. 4) on the Ferry Forum, I’ll print them out to share at the meeting.

One thought on “Draft of Resolution for new Ferry Advisory Committee

  1. There’s a lot more riding on the success of the Whatcom Chief than just moving pedestrians, cars and trucks. Our island depends on this lifeline for nearly everything we consume here, and disruptions in service or unduly high rates are akin to raising the drawbridge over the moat. The Chief determines what kind of economy we have here.
    I hope we the committee is successful it’s first year, as that sets the stage for how effective it will be for years to come. Good leadership, community participation, transparency, credible products, and islandwide support will tell the tale.
    I would offer the following suggestions to make the ordinance more effective. (listed by code section)
    030A-change Create to Advise Public Works on 14 year plan direction through strategic planning.
    030F-delete. An advisory cmmte cannot educate a whole county for a number of reasons. Don’t even try, as one loose cannon can do a lot of damage.
    040-change terms from 3 years to 2 years, with the same stagger. Insert language to solicit participation from WTA, Port, LICA as standing members. They bring a lot to the table.
    Let PLIC ‘evolve’ into a leadership role on the cmmte, keeping the non-profit status to track expenses and offer tax deductions for donations.
    060-Solicit partnership grants thru PLIC to the Ferry Advisory Cmmte to investigate longer range issues.

    This is a perpetual Cmmte, and will likely be very busy the first and second year of existence. It need to be structured to accommodate that workload, knowing it will burn out many initial participants. Its charter should recognize this, and have structure in place that WTA, Port and LICA will provide new warm bodies as needed to keep things going, provide some continuity and bring resources to the table a small group of islanders just can’t match.

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