Request for New Ferry Advisory Committee

Happy New Year. Let’s hope that 2012 brings smoother sailing for ‘all things ferry’ here on Lummi Island.

Via Rhayma Blake: Some islanders are working on a request to the County Council to pass an ordinance that establishes a new citizens’ ferry advisory committee, starting from what Carl Weimer published here in October.  Rhayma told me that Mike McKenzie, president of PLIC, is writing up a draft that will be posted on the Forum when it’s ready.

Those who attended the October 2011 LICA meeting provided input to Barbara Brenner and Carl Weimer about a new task force and it’s broad format.

However, we islanders must take responsibility to make it happen — no one will do it for us.  Your input on a new advisory committee, now or after Mike’s draft is posted, is important.  You can comment here, or call or email Mike.

The idea is to present the request to the County Council this month.  When it gets to the Council, everyone who thinks a new advisory committee is a good or bad idea should contact the councilors to express their opinion.

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