PLIC Meeting Wednesday, 2011-11-30

The PLIC Board of Directors sent out this notice of a meeting to be held at the Grange tomorrow:


Make no mistake, ferry issues remain alive and well as 2012 nears, regardless of Whatcom County
and Lummi Indian Business Council having secured a new 35-year lease.

There’s still the matter of how often the ferry will run, what it will cost to ride it, shifts in
management of ferry operations (ferry advisory committee anyone?), and what about a replacement
boat in the foreseeable future?

All those points of discussion are why the community meeting of PLIC this Wednesday evening at the
Grange is important to attend.  We’ll start at 6:30, and the focal point will be the presentation
that Public Works Director Frank Abart made with all seven County Council members present last
Tuesday in the Public Works & Safety Committee session.

His presentation is available in entirety on line:

His report was three-pronged: 1. A detailed breakdown of 2010 ferry finances compared to 2011
(gains were made, basically because of the infamous $3 surcharge implemented last January); 2.
Public Works recommendations for 2012 (no change in fares; reduced service; seek resources to
pursue [agreeable] Ferry Task Force recommendations -- at a cost to the Ferry Fund); 3. A response
to the research and suggestions made August 1 by the Ferry Task Force.

Some Task Force input will be part of the Wednesday PLIC program.  Your input is important as PLIC
forges a strategy for government relations and continuing dialogue with the new county executive
and the council.

Abart essentially supported the Task Force work positively, though he added multiple “but” clauses
after many suggestions he agreed with - usually alluding to added costs as the reason he found
those iffy.  Some he rejected outright, and others he suggested for implementation.

Abart made it clear that changes in ferry operations will not be discussed again for action until
the shuffling of government seats in January.

Again, the meeting Wednesday starts at 6:30 PM.

PLIC Board of Directors

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