No More Porta-potties at Gooseberry Pt Dock

At least for now, there will be no more ‘facilities’ at the Gooseberry Pt  Dock, due to vandalism.  Here’s Public Works’ announcement and an email with details of the problem.

>From:  Ferry Lummi_Island_Ferry <>
>Sent: Nov 28, 2011 11:55 AM
>Subject: Portable Toilets at Gooseberry Point Ferry Dock
>Greetings from Public Works,
>Attached please find an email we received from Richard Muehlhausen, President of Budget Septic, Inc.
>This email details damage that has been done to the portable toilets at the Gooseberry Point ferry dock and advises that Budget Septic intends to remove the toilets from Gooseberry Point on November 30, 2011.
>At this time we will not be replacing the portable toilets at Gooseberry Point.  We will revisit this issue as summer approaches.
>Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this issue.

>Thank you,
>The Ferry Department

Email referred to, above, from Budget Septic owner, Richard Muehlhausen:

Mr. Abart,

On Tuesday, November 15, Budget Septic’s portable toilets at Gooseberry Point were seriously vandalized — again.  The walls of both toilets were burned with a torch or cigarette lighter.  On Friday, more and larger holes were burned, and graffiti added.  When pumping the toilets, I removed 3 needles, plus several beer cans and condoms, and I have recently seen someone sleeping in the larger unit.

Although we’ve provided toilets at Gooseberry Point for more than 20 years, I will be removing the toilets at the end of the month due to the ongoing and escalating vandalism.  I STRONGLY urge the County not to replace these units, as the vast majority of users are not ferry passengers.

Once we’ve removed the toilets, we will determine the parts required to repair them and submit a bill for reimbursement.  Attached are photos of the damage for your records.  Please let us know if you require anything else.

Richard Muehlhausen
Budget Septic, Inc.

  Here’s one of the photos of the vandalism. 

2 thoughts on “No More Porta-potties at Gooseberry Pt Dock

  1. Now maybe it’s time to use electronic passes for the ferry, seem we are in an electronic age now (County has to catch up) and that we could have a little credit card type item that could be used to enter a rest room or get us one the ferry, taint rocket science anymore.

  2. It seems a shame to punish the many for the actions of the few. Vandalism is not new, not isolated to the ferry potties, not stoppable with removal of same. Would the county rather have people use the bushes, sides of buildings, beach area when they are stranded, waiting for a late or missed ferry? That’s been done in the past and, I suspect, being done now.

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