Query to County Council about Task Force Recommendations and Fares

I just sent the Council Council, Executive and Public Works a request to let us know where they are with reviewing the ferry task force recommendations. (For their excellent, brief summary presentation to the Council, watch here.)

The Task Force members have already requested the Council to move on the recommendations.  In  their letter to all of us, they asked us for their support. That means that we now need to follow through with queries until the Council responds. 

I’ll post any responses I get from our county officials. Also, if anyone else has followed up on this issue, would you please share what you’ve done and know with the rest of us hear on the ferry forum?  We all depend on the ferry and sharing our information can make us more effective and much harder to ignore than if we only act as individuals.

—–Forwarded Message—–
>From: Wynne Lee <wynnelee@earthlink.net>
>Sent: Oct 25, 2011 12:59 PM
>To: county council <council@co.whatcom.wa.us>
>Cc: Pete Kremen <pkremen@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Frank Abart <FAbart@co.whatcom.wa.us>, “Colleen O. McCrory” <colleen.mccrory@gmail.com>
>Subject: Lummi Island Ferry Task Force recommendations
>I am writing up a piece for the Ferry Forum on where the County Council is in making decisions about the extensive recommendations (including financial and operational) from the Ferry Task Force, which were reported to you at the beginning of August.
>I’d appreciate hearing what the time frame is for your discussion and decision.  It’s our understanding that the Council is required to make annual recommendations for any changes to fares once a year.  Since the Task Force made substantial, data-based recommendations to cut costs and increase revenues, it seems logical that those recommendations will be reviewed and considered fairly soon as part of the fare discussion.
>I’m sharing this email with everyone via the Ferry Forum. Islanders will look forward to hearing from you what the next steps in this process will be.
>Thank you,
>Wynne Lee
>2171 Tuttle Lane
>Lummi Island, WA 98262

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