Lease is Moving Forward

I spoke on the phone with Dan Gibson this morning. He said that legal description of the uplands portion of the lease has now been resolved (2 surveys by tribe; 2 by county) and that the lease is very apt to move forward to the signature stage by the end of next week. If I don’t hear from him by then. I’ll email him and ask.

Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement via Brown Betty, too, and/or from Public Works.

Current ferry tasks for islanders:  Get the task force recommendations on the County Council’s docket for this year and get moving on appointing some sort of ferry advisory committee.

The lease is all well and good, but as long as there is a ferry there will be serious financial and operational issues that will, if we don’t attend to them in an ongoing fashion, be ‘taken care of’ for us.

One thought on “Lease is Moving Forward

  1. Excellent! Four surveys should be enough to reveal what remains of the ROW formerly approved and never vacated. Years of secret negotiations never explained that poignant little issue.

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